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Experience an innovative institution of higher learning, a global re赌博平台 university committed to accessibility and impact, a place with a legacy as old as the United States – and a boundless future. The 北卡罗来纳大学游客中心 looks forward to sharing all that is special about Carolina.

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Our in-person 地方感之旅 is an hour-long walking tour hosted by student guides who introduce campus history and traditions as well as some of the University’s current endeavors in re赌博平台 and innovation. 了解更多有关 地方感之旅.

The Visitors Center also offers an hour and 15-minute walking 研究生团 hosted by a current 研究生团 guide. Building on the 地方感之旅, the graduate tour includes information relating to graduate student life at Carolina. 了解更多有关 研究生团.

A mannequin of Rameses in Visitors Center.

The 北卡罗来纳大学游客中心, located at 134 E. Franklin Street, is open to guests 10 a.m. 到4p.m. 星期一至星期五.

We hope that you will find our 游客指南 helpful as you explore Carolina. If you have other questions, you may reach us 9 a.m. 到5便士.m., 星期一至星期五, at uncvisitorscenter@assembly.peninsulaedi.com. For details about parking on campus, check 客人停车. For information and resources about 教堂山分校, visit the Orange County Visitors Bureau.




  • A collage of photos that includes a sculpture of a lion head as a fountain; a silver and brass 但ton on the Old Well; branches of a tree wrapping around each other; the rings of a cut tree trunk; blue 3D printing robots in a line; and a cup of steel pieces from a letter press.


    With historic buildings and picturesque landscaping, Carolina's campus is iconic, and some of the University's most beautiful spots are worth a closer look.

  • 古井.

    Moving forward with boldness

    More than 225 years ago, a radical idea took root in North Carolina: higher education, 由人民资助, 为了人民. As we enter the third decade of this millennium, the challenges we face today are great, 但, as we have demonstrated for more than two centuries, we are built to face great challenges.

  • Rameses in blue horns in the Pit


    Take a sip from the Old Well on your first day of classes to get good grades. Sign your name on the bricks inside the Bell Tower as a senior. Relax in the sun on 波尔克的地方. Carolina is filled with traditions - some that date back for decades and others that are new - that students cherish today.

  • Students cheer at a football game.

    Always a great day to be a Tar Heel

    “It’s a great day to be a Tar Heel” is a phrase you’ll often hear around Carolina, 这是有原因的. 每一天, Tar Heels create a positive impact on the world by improving their communities and inspiring change through their talents. They’re artists, scientists, humanitarians, re赌博平台ers and innovators doing extraordinary things.